About Claire


" I was passed Claire’s details details by my brother who was already working with Claire. Knowing I needed some sort of coaching support but not exactly knowing what that would look like, I contacted Claire and I immediately felt in good hands. An easy to talk to, down to earth coach who not only understands life as a mum but is exceptionally experienced in the world of recruitment. Claire helped me find clarity and direction, through clever questioning and challenging of my thoughts. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Jo M

The 21 years I have spent in recruitment are the foundation for my coaching practice as well as my own life experiences. I work with clients who are a point in their life where they know they need to change something.  That change brings fear and opportunity, often in equal measure!


My job as their coach is to support them through a process, guide them, challenge the but to ultimately listen to them.  Often, their destination is clear but sometimes we work on that together.  Sometimes the routes to get there can change and we find that flexibility is needed to navigate the chosen path.  My clients work with me because I am approaching their situation as a recruitment professional, a friend but also their advocate; I want them to succeed and achieve their goals.


I have recruited in all industries, in most countries and at all levels of seniority from Teaching Assistant to CEO.  I have helped my clients to launch their business, create their brand, transform their life or to simply create a better work life balance for their families.


I have a deep empathy and understanding for my clients who are neuro-diverse in their thinking; I have worked with clients who are on the autistic spectrum, which is a unique way of thinking that I understand very well and enjoy immensely.

Lastly, but most importantly, I am a parent and I understand the challenges of working and raising a family which gives me a deeper empathy when I work with parents/carers.


If you want to chat through your options and thoughts then please call me so we can have a chat.  There is no charge for this call and you are not obliged to work with me after the call.