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benefits of working with me

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Career Development

A 23 year career in recruitment means I can help you develop your skills and advance your career from a recruiter's perspective.  I can also help you uncover the missing link that is stopping you moving forwards and draw out those forgotten skills and gifts. I see things from the perspective of a recruiter, parent, business owner and divorcee.  My clients include people who have never worked, people with PhDs, artists, parents, CEOs, healers, creatives and entrepreneurs.  


This is like a massive secret I found in my own career.  I used to watch successful people and see how they behaved; I started to realise that what made people listen to them or take on board their ideas was confidence.  How do you get yourself some of that?! My role is to support you and help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities - whether you just want to be able to speak up on a Zoom meeting or start your own business ,we will work in partnership to get stuff done.  If there is a critical voice sitting in you shoulder telling you that you can't, we will sort that out too!

Gaining Independence

Independence does not have to mean living in isolation, never asking for help and living frugally.  It's not a punishment.  It means having a sense of creating a life yourself, for yourself.  Often, if we have relied on others for money, confidence or reassurance, to find that for ourselves can be scary.  We can talk through your experiences and put together a plan of action that makes YOU the main character.

Authentic Communication 

Find your voice again with my unique approach to communication.  If you have been told to be "seen and not heard", be prepared to turn this on it's head as I encourage you to use your voice, to contribute and be heard.

Make friends with the inner critic and use them to your advantage.

Realising Dreams 

As a child, I wanted to be a ballet teacher; it played to my love of performing, my French language skills and my penchant for acoustic piano.  


I am a self confessed hippy and you will not have to look far in my house to find an angel, an incense stick or a book on spiritual development!  Purpose is a big word.  Why the hell are we here ?  What's it all about?  I certainly don't have the answer to these big questions, but I can have an open conversation with you, regardless of your beliefs about finding YOUR purpose.  Following things that light you up is a good indicator of your purpose, but how do you integrate it into your life? You don't have to quit your job and go and sit on a mountain to live your purpose - we can find a less extreme way to find it!

Finding A Job

I have a unique approach to finding work, which is fueled by two decades in headhunting and a need to feed two kids.  I can guide you where to look and who to contact in the HR department.  Don't wait for the perfect job to find you - create it, research it then go get it! Rethink work; some people are more suited to 2-3 part time jobs, rather than one full time job, for example.  Finding our purpose, might not mean ditching our job and living in a yurt; it could mean taking on a voluntary role on a Saturday morning to fulfil that part of us.


Be the leader of your own life; I am a recruiter and a Mum and my superpower is never giving up! Learn to create the job you want, instead of reacting to job adverts or life circumstances.  Turn set backs into growth opportunities and turn your "mistakes" into your USP.  Take the bull by the horns!  If we have spent a vast majority of our life relying on others, it can be scary transitioning into being the Director of our own life.  But you don't have to do it alone; let me help you discover who you are and who you were all along.


The amount of times I have rewritten my to do list and the same thing keeps staying at the top of the list.  Whatever that "thing" is, working with a coach means you are both vested in the importance of the task and are committed to the outcome.  It is one of the most valuable benefits of coaching that my clients tell me about.  They say they would never have achieved x,y,z if they had not prioritised themselves and worked with a coach.

Work-Life Balance

As a working co-parent, pianist, amateur artist, rugby mum, teenage sounding board and gym avoider I have to fit in a lot of things, just like you. All my coaching includes guidance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance to improve your overall wellbeing, whilst still juggling all that you have to do AND finding time for YOU!

Divorce & Separation Guidance

My specialist subjects; work and divorce. As if divorce isn't bad enough; some of us have to rethink our work, childcare, purpose and entire being and, for some - trying to be a role model as we are doing all of this under the watchful gaze of children.  I can work with you on confidence or career coaching or provide an earning capacity report for mediation or Court, which can break the deadlock around the question of your realistic earning capacity.  There are some amazing Divorce Coaches, Lawyers and Mediators out there if you need support on the actual divorce and I am happy to recommend one.  I specialise in returning to work after divorce or separation and I am recognised as a leading voice on work matters in the family law system in the UK, particularly around what someone should be earning.

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