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Working After Divorce

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I work with people who need support and direction about their career options, during and after divorce or separation. They may need to return to work after a period at home or after relying on a spouse's income. My job is to help them accept their situation and to make positive steps forward, empowering them to find work that is meaningful for them, works for their family situation and satisfies any Court Orders that maybe involved. 

My own journey in recruitment and divorce informs my work and my particular expertise is with individuals whose confidence and self-esteem has suffered from being in an abusive relationship with a narcissistic personality type. 

I offer everything from individual coaching sessions (1hr) including CV writing and interview techniques, through to a full Six Week Career Coaching Programme.


I have a very pro-active and resourceful work ethic myself; I had a Saturday job when I was 14 and have worked ever since.  I have been employed, self-employed, Director of a Limited Company as well as the Founder of a Start Up and a Fundraiser for a Charity.  I have done most jobs that fit in with restrictive school hours and where those jobs were not available; I have created them.


I also advise on start-ups, the viability of a business idea, cost/benefit analysis of various career options and whether an individual has the capacity to work.  If you would like more information on this, please click here.

For more information on my coaching process, please click here

If you would like to book a free conversation about anything you have read on my website, please contact me.


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