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The first step is to arrange a discovery call, where I can speak to you either on the phone or via video call.  This call is free and will give you a sense of how I work.   Please contact me to arrange this.

If you would like to work with me after that call, we can either have one session together or a series of 6 sessions, which is great if you have a specific goal that you want to work towards.  We can leave 1-2 weeks between sessions.

I love brainstorming with clients and friends; I work with big, A3 artist pads and coloured pencils and I draw and sketch things out while you're speaking to me.  I am a visual learner and it really helps me to "see" what you are saying.  These jottings form the basis of the summary email that I send to you at the end of each coaching session; it's like a mini business plan and it's for you to keep.

Many of my clients are in their 40s or 50s and are at a point in their life where they feel something is missing.  They might want to identify more meaningful work that they could do or they might want to revisit parts of themselves that were abandoned, whilst they were busy building their life, career and family.  All of my clients want clarity and we work together to achieve that. 

My training in psychosynthesis gives me a framework to help identify the barriers holding clients back or if they are stuck in old stories or patterns. Through a unique perspective of psychosynthesis psychology and a deep intuition, I guide clients in understanding and overcoming their limitations, unlocking their full potential.  It is such a privilege to sit with someone when they have an "aha moment" !   My background in recruitment helps clients wishing to discover more meaningful work, update their CV or simply to brainstorm different ideas.


Please do read what my clients say on my website; my intention for my coaching is that my clients feel that they are being truly heard, at a very deep level.  Often, when they are sharing with me, I capture these precious pieces of information that they tell me and re-present them back to them (mirroring), adding my own unique take on what is perhaps emerging and not being realised in the moment.  It is a beautiful partnership that allows for growth and enlightenment on a difficult issue, during the session.  

Each session is 60 minutes and we always end with a summary of what has been spoken about during our time together.  I also send a personalised email at the end of every session which contains a summary and "homework", to save my clients scribbling things down, enabling them to be fully present.

The work I do with clients is so varied; one client might just want me to be quite directive with them and brainstorm with them; perhaps harnessing my recruitment expertise to help them formulate a revamp of their CV or to develop an aspect of their business.  Other clients are less clear about their goals and the majority of our work could be sitting together and working through things that could be holding them back; preventing them from seeing what's trying to emerge.  

My interests are as diverse as my background. With a passion for philosophy, piano playing, spiritual development, creativity, healing, poetry and art I can bring a multi-dimensional perspective to my coaching.  Please feel free to ask me about any of these.

I offer both online and in-person coaching sessions. Whether you're seeking guidance in your career, life, or personal development, I am ready to support you on your journey.  I am based in Farnham, Surrey in the UK.

Feedback from my clients is that they leave feeling heard, seen, and validated. By drawing on my corporate background, my psychology training and diverse interests and thinking, I guide my clients through an inner journey of discovery and I love every bit of it!

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