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What my clients say

"After a successful career working as a Chief Engineer on superyachts for over two decades, my days of spending half the year away from home needed to end. Working ashore would require a change of mindset. I had recently graduated with an MSc but was finding it difficult to identify the professional direction I wanted to take. Claire worked with me to identify my strengths and communicate my skills and experiences to optimise my CV and Linkedin profile, her expert knowledge of how recruiters and HR departments operate was invaluable as well as her perspective on the organisations which would be beneficial to target. The outcome of the sessions gave me the confidence to realise that adding some further qualifications would place me in a good position to start my own business. I would recommend Claire to anyone who requires a change of professional direction who requires advice and guidance." Mike, Hampshire

"I was passed Claire’s details details by my brother who was already working with Claire. Knowing I needed some sort of coaching support but not exactly knowing what that would look like, I contacted Claire and I immediately felt in good hands. An easy to talk to, down to earth coach who not only understands life as a mum but is exceptionally experienced in the world of recruitment. Claire helped me find clarity and direction, through clever questioning and challenging of my thoughts. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Jo, Hertfordshire

"When I began working with Claire, I had a list as long as my arm of what I didn't want in my life anymore. I had zero idea of what I actually wanted in it's place...


Claire helped me prioritise what I wanted and how to move forward. Her intuition had her ask the most insightful questions at the perfect moment which in turn allowed for breakthrough after breakthrough. Claire summarised each session in a clear and concise way allowing me to focus on breakthroughs and not note-taking. Claire is so talented and kind she's the sort of person everyone should have in their life. 


As for progress - the results speak for themselves. 

- Within just 2 sessions I'd healed a chronic medical condition.

- I now understand and can prioritise self care for me.

- I communicate better in all my relationships.

- I have a clear goal for my future and I know exactly how to get there.

- I finally have clarity on what I want in all areas of my life.

- I have zero anxiety.

- I am achieving all of my goals with ease.


Without Claire's input I would not have made the above possible."

Jemima, Hampshire

"Working with Claire came with complete ease from the moment I got in touch with her. She is very friendly and professional and went far beyond my expectations with her time and effort in getting a CV right for me. I would not hesitate to work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone."   Katy, Hants.

"I had the privilege of working with Claire Deacon for a CV review and rewrite service, and I cannot express enough how valuable her expertise has been in my job search journey. Claire conducted a comprehensive interview, during which she skillfully extracted competencies and skills that were not adequately reflected in my existing CV. One of Claire's standout qualities is her ability to delve deep into your career aspirations. She took the time to understand where I saw myself in the professional landscape, and with her extensive experience in recruitment, she provided focused and insightful guidance. Claire helped me identify key skills and market niches that I should target, allowing me to refine my career goals effectively. The resulting CV and LinkedIn profile that Claire developed for me were nothing short of exceptional."

Ayeeshah, London

“Claire has given me a very insightful and balanced perspective as I considered a move from self-employment to employment, helping me explore options and pitch my services effectively. She offers attentive listening as well as clarity of direction. She is prompt, supportive and resourceful. A worthwhile investment.  With Claire’s input my CV is now sharper and more compelling, whilst staying true to my versatility and portfolio of activities”  Ms V, London

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