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Magnolia reminds us of the importance of independent thinking. We are being encouraged to gather facts before making any decisions or seek an impartial opinion from someone we trust.  

Claire Deacon

Holistic Coach

Helping You To Find Clarity

With psychological, somatic and energy coaching techniques gained over 20 years

Meet Claire

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

Chances are, you are a bit stuck and need some help to make a decision, decide on a path forward or you just need someone independent to talk to about your life, job and purpose.  

I have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, within Human Resources for start ups to global corporations.  I am also a qualified coach specialising in Psychosynthesis coaching which means I work at depth with my clients, similar to a counsellor.  I am also a Member of The Healing Trust and I utilise elements of this training when I work with my clients in a somatic, creative and energetic way.

I am 51 and so have had a fair few life experiences of my own that my clients find very useful as they navigate their own journeys. 

A recent survey of my clients showed that 100% of them said they valued the way I helped them find clarity in the chaos; they all described my coaching as life coaching, rather than career coaching and 50% felt my recruitment background was useful, even though I offer more than career coaching.  Now THAT is clarity, for me!

If you would like to speak to me about something you are struggling with, please book a call and we can have a chat - it's completely free of charge!

Life Coaching Surrey

"For the girl who grabbed the light when there was none

Who pushed through against all odds

Accepted her surroundings to allow in change

Fought misperceptions to create a new life

Encouraged others to find their wings

May her journey continue for years to come

So we can enjoy the next stages

Watch as she sparkles amongst us

Dusting off all that no longer serves

Receiving all the wonders knocking on her door"

By Anna Prince, Friend & Psychosynthesis Counsellor

What I Specialise In

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  Carl Jung

Claire has so many qualities that make her an unbelievable coach. Her insights into my mindset, together with her expertise in boosting my confidence whilst silencing those negative inner voices, have all been so incredibly helpful. 

Claire is more than a coach, she is my pocket angel! Her warmth, support and genuine care create a safe space for me to explore challenges, share successes and grow both personally and professionally. In each and every one of our sessions together, Claire has picked up on every single word, listening intently to everything I say.

- Jo, Hertfordshire

Claire helped me prioritise what I wanted and how to move forward. Her intuition had her ask the most insightful questions at the perfect moment which in turn allowed for breakthrough after breakthrough. Claire summarised each session in a clear and concise way allowing me to focus on breakthroughs and not note-taking. Claire is so talented and kind she's the sort of person everyone should have in their life. 

- Jemima, Hampshire

From the very start, I felt an instant connection and ease in conversation. Claire’s natural ability to truly understand and 'get’ me made me feel seen and heard in every session. She knew exactly when to challenge me, always in a caring and encouraging manner, and when to just listen and reflect back. This balanced approach helped me push boundaries and unlock thoughts and connections that I hadn’t previously made.

- Davina, London

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Coaching, Consciousness & Coffee . . . 

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