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Meet Claire

Helping You To Find Clarity, Confidence & Courage

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

Chances are, you are a bit stuck and need some help to make a decision, decide on a path forward or you just need someone independent to talk to about your life, job and purpose.  

I have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, within Human Resources for start ups to global corporations.  I am also a qualified coach specialising in Psychosynthesis coaching which means I work at depth with my clients, similar to a counsellor.  I am also a Member of The Healing Trust and I utilise elements of this training when I work with my clients in a somatic, creative and energetic way.

I am 51 and so have had a fair few life experiences of my own that my clients find very useful as they navigate their own journeys. 

If you would like to speak to me about something you are struggling with, please book a call and we can have a chat - it's completely free of charge!

Life Coaching
Career Coaching Hampshire

How I Work

The first thing to say is that I am on your side.  If we work together, your goals are my priority and I will utilise my knowledge, network, training, qualifications and everything I have learned in my life to help you in yours.

My clients appreciate my honesty and insights, giving them a different perspective on their situation and coming up with creative ideas with them.  They find clarity, where there was once chaos and their to-do list feels more manageable, because they have a sounding board and ally.

Being online doesn't take away any of the "magic" of an in person coaching session.  I use creative ways of working including journalling, drawing, constellations and I also take inspiration from Internal Family Systems, which is a method of working with parts of ourselves.  I have used visualisation and meditation too to connect with the unconscious; a loyal and sometimes stubborn part of us that thinks it runs the show !

Member of the EMCC Surrey and Hampshire
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