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Good Vibrations

In our fast-paced, interconnected world, the concept of self-care has never been more critical. While self-care encompasses various aspects of our well-being, one facet often overlooked is the idea of spiritual self-care, rooted in the concept of energy. Our energetic field, or aura, plays a significant role in our overall health and how we interact with the world around us. In this article, we will explore the scientific perspective on auras, how we can inadvertently absorb others' energetic baggage, and provide practical steps for maintaining and resetting our energy field through daily mindfulness exercises.

From a scientific standpoint, auras, or the electromagnetic fields generated by living organisms, are real. Every living being emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, though it's typically beyond the range of human sight. While we may not perceive these energy fields with our eyes, their existence is confirmed through various scientific instruments, such as Kirlian photography. This aura can reflect our emotional, mental, and physical states, making it a dynamic and essential aspect of our well-being.

Just as we can project our thoughts and expectations onto others, we can also unknowingly absorb and carry the energetic imprints of those we interact with. This process is often referred to as "energetic transference." When someone is stressed, angry, or anxious, their energy can affect our own if we're not mindful. This transference can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed, or even out of balance.

To maintain and reset your energy field, consider incorporating a daily mindfulness exercise into your routine. Here's a simple exercise you can do each morning and night:

Find a quiet space: Begin by finding a quiet and peaceful space where you won't be disturbed.

Close your eyes: Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to centre yourself.

Grounding visualisation: Visualise roots extending from your feet into the Earth. Imagine any excess energy or negativity flowing down into the Earth, where it can be transmuted.

Shield visualisation: Envision a protective shield or bubble of white light surrounding you. This shield acts as a barrier, allowing positive energy to flow in while filtering out negative energy.

Release and affirm: Release any energetic baggage or emotions that no longer serve you. Affirm positive statements like "I am balanced," "I am protected," and "I am filled with positive energy."

Close with gratitude: Open your eyes and close your practice with a moment of gratitude for the cleansing and rejuvenating energy.

We've all experienced the sensation of getting a certain "vibe" from someone, whether it's positive or negative. This feeling is grounded in the very real energetic imprints that individuals carry with them. Just as we can sense a person's emotional state through their body language and tone of voice, we can also perceive their energetic state.

For sensitive and empathic individuals, self-care is an integral part of daily life. Regular self-care practices help maintain our energetic boundaries and ensure we are not carrying the baggage of others. By prioritising self-care, we can energise ourselves, protect our aura, and interact with the world from a place of balance and vitality.

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